How Can You Be Lonely, When You’re Never Actually Alone?

We feel the separation from others, acknowledge times of isolation and often believe that we have to do everything by ourselves. And yet we crave connection during our journey here on earth. I see many people settle for mediocre relationships out of a fear of being alone. People tolerate abuse, manipulation and other hurts, for they would rather have something rather then be alone. The feeling of loneliness is something that creeps up on me like a dark shadow not wanting to be seen. It can be accessed when I reflect on my life and relationships gone by, as well as when I come home late at night to an empty space. It is a feeling that I too have feared but that I refuse to now let co

Why When I Am Airborne Is When I Get The Most Clarity

Previously working in a job that required regular air travel and with a passion for overseas adventures, I find myself flying high quite a lot. This was great when I was studying part time as it offered me uninterrupted reading and revision opportunity. Now it offers me time and stillness to write. Whereas many people read, watch a movie or sleep while flying, my preference is to blog. I feel clearer without any distractions and the inability to readily move means there is no escape or opportunity for me to procrastinate (I know I’m procrastinating when I clean everything). I also feel more connected, able to flow and intuit, to the point that words flow effortlessly out of me and o

The 10 Paradoxes of Being Single!

Where to start?! Having been single for a good part of the past 9 years, it’s fair to say I have a decent understanding of single life. Some people choose to be single, others don’t. Lots of people ask you why you’re single and what you’re doing about it. Some people judge you unfairly and some wish they were 30 years younger so that they would be in with a chance! There are upsides to being you can pretty much do what you want, when you want. For example, Christmas can be spent with whom you choose; you get to sprawl in a bed all to yourself; you don’t have someone else to answer to and you get to eat your own dessert, all to yourself. However there are also a host o

My Indian Adventure!

My oh my, such an amazing place...I truly and deeply love India. Having had my first Indian adventure last year, I couldn’t resist the urge to return. Asking for a sign to determine if I should go back so soon, and getting that within the day, my retreat place was secured and I awaited with excited anticipation, knowing that it would be yet another magical experience. There is no doubt I have lived a life or possible lives in India before. I feel so connected to the place, the people and the culture. It feels easy, natural and safe. My second trip was just as impactful and mesmerising as I was immersed into the world of Ayurveda. Going on retreat with 9 other beautiful women, in the

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