Oil Pulling

First stop in the morning, the bathroom for some oral hygiene! Did you know that while you sleep, your body is still working away? Part of your rest period is spent detoxifying, which involves toxins being released in your mouth. Now rather than just swallow these back down, it is important that you clean your teeth first thing or better still engage in an ancient Ayurvedic tradition of oil pulling. This involves swishing a small amount of oil around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes in order to improve oral health. I use dōTERRA fractionated coconut oil as it is already in liquid form, however the unrefined virgin coconut oil that you may use for cooking works just as well. It is important to

I am not a label

For those of you who know me well I have been embarking on a gut healing protocol journey for the past 6 weeks. The idea was to remove ALL sugar (including fruit), dairy, alcohol and grains from my diet. No fermented foods or many other foods that we deem healthy. Basically what was left was a selection of nuts, seeds, eggs, meat and vegetables (and even some of theses were off limits). It’s been a roller coaster of a ride. From the initial headaches as my body withdrew from ...sugar, to less energy, lethargy, then increased energy and feeling lighter and brighter. I have experienced the full range of emotions along the way as well...anger, frustration, confusion, depression, clarity, joy an

The importance of feeling your emotions

Did you know that e-motions are literally ‘energy in motion’? We all have them and these emotions are interconnected with every thought we generate. So many of us choose not to feel our emotions, generally out of fear of the pain that feeling has caused us in the past. In a world where we are brought up, schooled and merited on our intellect and are more often than not, leading our lives from our mind instead of from our heart, we aren’t encouraged to actually express how we feel in a loving supportive environment. Constantly Seeking for answers outside of ourselves...Why is it that so few of us go within and actually feel the feeling, in order to seek the wisdom we crave!? This conditioning

Tongue Scraping

I use yet another Ayurvedic principal which involves scraping my tongue with a copper implement. This ensures that all the nasties, aka bacteria that reside on the tongue are removed and with them remnants of any bad breath. Cleaning your tongue can also improve your tastebud functionality, meaning you’ll get more delight in eating your nutritious wholefoods that come with an array of flavours!

Colon Cleanses

To cleanse, or not to cleanse? That is the question! For years I was disgusted by the thought of having something put up my bottom in order to flush it out…surely it was an exit only route?! That was until I did more research, spoke to a few trusted friends and realised that it might not be that bad after all. People do juice cleanses, water fasts, detoxes, skin peels…the list goes on, in order to rid their body, inside and out, of toxins and re-establish the equilibrium. But why do most of us immediately cringe at the mention of colonics or enemas? I decided to give it a go and was so impressed by the results! Not only did I feel less bloated, I felt lighter, less clogged, clearer and more

Lemon Water

I choose to start each morning with the juice from half a lemon squeezed into my mug and topped up with warm water. This has been proven to be great in kick starting the liver for the day, which aids in digestion and metabolism, as well as detoxification. If I don’t have any lemons, I use about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, which serves the same purpose and helps to alkalinise the body. Bulk Wholefoods stocks my favourite Red Hill Apple Cider Vinegar (make sure you buy varieties in a dark bottle, as the vinegar is impacted upon by UV light).

The Power of Meditation

Having practiced meditation for the past six years, this practice alone has significantly shaped and improved my life. There is so much scientific evidence available now that proves the validity of meditation in daily life in order to improve your day to day functionality. I would happily go on and on about the benefits of a daily meditation practice, but all you really have to know is that 10 minutes is enough. I personally try to sit in the same spot, at approximately the same time, playing the same music and trying to quieten the superficial chatter of my mind, to allow the deeper, more profound guidance be given some airtime – some may refer to this as your intuition, inner wisdom, God,

Mindful Eating

There is a big difference between mindful eating and dieting, as well as a difference between emotional eating and eating out of a physical need for energy. I am a big believer in the fact that if you are in tune with your emotions, you will hopefully be eating mindfully and therefore be at your ideal body weight. Part of being in tune with your emotions, includes a level of self-respect and self-love, which ultimately leads to you wanting to put only nutritious foods into your body. Our relationship with food is a reflection of our environment and attitudes toward ourselves. By educating yourself to deepen your understanding of where your food comes from, what your body requires for optimal

Why do we use toothpaste?

Why do we use toothpaste? Because our parents tell us to, the dentist recommends it, or the mere fact it makes our mouth taste better? It may differ for each of us, but the bigger question is what is actually in your toothpaste? Firstly it is important to note that the cleaning of your teeth does not primarily come from the toothpaste, it comes from the friction of the toothbrush you cause whilst brushing. Toothpaste is required to eliminate any bacteria that if left, could lead to gingivitis and dental malodour. Also remember that the recommendation is to clean your teeth twice daily, every day, so we are very likely using A LOT of toothpaste in our lifetime. With this in mind, there are a

Don't Judge

Why are we so concerned about how things look? Shouldn't our focus be on the components that make things up instead? Something may look beautiful but be comprised of toxic ingredients...how would you know? Here is my breakfast...simple, healthy, nutritious and delicious! It doesn't look fancy, the frozen slices of bread broke as I separated them to toast...but this didn't impact on the satisfaction, taste or nutritional content of the final product. Instead it got me thinking about how much we judge, not only food, but lots of things in life, on looks alone. If you are sick and tired of feeling judged then I would love to work with you on ensuring you are putting only the good in...irrespect

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