Sharing Energy

Do you share? As a child did you share your toys? Are you happy to share your food or your money? Will you share how you feel when someone asks, even if it's not so great that day? Will you give your child attention when they need it most? Will you offer your neighbour a helping hand or stop to say "hi" to the old man on the corner that you pass each day? There are many ways in which we can share, not just physically, but also emotionally and energetically. We can even be sharing without consciously knowing so. Have you ever been sitting in silence with a loved one over breakfast in the morning? This is also a form of sharing. You are sharing not just your presence, but also your energy. Wha

Conquer Your Fears

We live in a fear based world. This is how most governments work, by instilling fear into the populous, they then have the ability to exert more control. We also have fears in our life that may be learnt, brought forward from a past life or subconsciously copied. Some of these fears can help keep us out of dangers away, thus are imperative for our livelihood. Others can keep us from living our lives to the fullest. It's these fears that I want to focus on. Those debilitating things or situations that stop us in our tracks. It could be anything from a fear of flying, to a fear of spiders. But don't forget our other fears, such as a fear of exposure, fear of the unknown or a fear of failure. S

My Vulnerability Is My Strength!

Society has largely viewed vulnerability as a weakness. You could argue this stems from a Darwinian methodology of nature's 'survival of the fittest'. In animal herds, to be weak can increase not only the individual's vulnerability, but also that of the entire herd. In the animal kingdom, some mothers will leave a weak member of their litter to fend for itself and ultimately die. This is due to their own instinct for survival. As mammals, humans also have this survival instinct, and through much conditioning, we have been taught to suppress emotions, toughen up and just get on with it. In doing so, we are now becoming a planet riddled with acute and chronic disease. We are predominantly stre


Do you believe in yourself? Do you trust your instincts? Do you back yourself when you take a risk? Do you have no doubt in your decision at the time but are happy to learn from your mistakes? Many of us lack self-belief. Generally we are not taught it from our parents and we definitely don't learn it at school. I believe this is part of the reason why the world is in the state it is in today...chaotic and lacking in joy and harmony. Just imagine for a moment what life would be like if we all exercised some self-belief?! Surely there would be less judgment, less ego, fewer insecurities, more equality, greater happiness and fulfillment all round?! Creating a more loving world begins with self

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