My Relaxation Tips

Firstly I’m am starting this blog with full disclosure...I’m writing this as much for myself as I am for you! I am yet to master the art of relaxation. This may be a result from years of observing my mother whilst growing up. She could not sit and do nothing. There was always be something in her hands, whether it was some hand sewing, unpicking or rethreading beads. Watching on, I vowed to never end up like her. She always seemed busy, distracted and unable to simply be in any situation, even when we were on holidays! So whilst I’m not as bad as this, I am definitely a doer. I am also a self confessed FOMO (fear of missing out) so I say yes to lots of opportunities that arise and am constant

Ego Is Not A Dirty Word

The Ego is a topic that gets thrown around quite a lot these days. Is the ego good or bad, is generally the underlying topic up for discussion, as well as how the ego can serve you. Maybe the Skyhooks were onto something back in the 70s when they wrote this song?! In my spiritual learnings, I have come to understand that the ego exists in the upper levels of our minds and whilst may be there to protect us from making silly mistakes, it is also the driver of man’s desire for power and money. This leads to greed, manipulation and dishonesty in order to get what we want or believe we deserve. The ego can get in the way of our spirit, the pure place from which we should be making our decisions a

My Top 5 Travel Tips

I travel a lot for work and I also love to adventure overseas a couple of times a year, so I’m pretty savvy now with packing, airports and preparing myself for flights. Being prepared helps I ensure a seamless, stress free experience as I move through this transitional time which is exposed to many variables outside of my control and that have the ability to stress the average person out! Because I travel a lot, I have also worked out ways to reduce my commute times and maximise my time at home, sleeping or at my destination, all of which make for a more enjoyable trip experience. Here are a few of my tips and tricks: 1. Carry on luggage - when travelling for 5 days or less, I aim to get all

Sitting Is The New Smoking!

Did you know that for they average office worker, they will spend around 68000 hours sitting over a 40 year career which doesn’t include the time you sit when you get home at night or on the weekend?! That is the equivalent of sitting for 2833 days! Having worked in an office job which also involves some field time for nearly a decade now, I started to get worried about how all this sitting would impact my longer term health. As a result, I have jumped on the band wagon and invested in a standing desk for my home office. Having used this for a couple of months now, I’m really starting to see and feel the benefits. I have to admit the first day I set it up for work, saw me lowering it and sit

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