My Top 5 Travel Tips

I travel a lot for work and I also love to adventure overseas a couple of times a year, so I’m pretty savvy now with packing, airports and preparing myself for flights. Being prepared helps I ensure a seamless, stress free experience as I move through this transitional time which is exposed to many variables outside of my control and that have the ability to stress the average person out!

Because I travel a lot, I have also worked out ways to reduce my commute times and maximise my time at home, sleeping or at my destination, all of which make for a more enjoyable trip experience. Here are a few of my tips and tricks:

1. Carry on luggage - when travelling for 5 days or less, I aim to get all of my luggage into my carry on allocation. This saves having to be at the airport earlier and messing around with checking in your baggage, then waiting at your destination for it to appear on the carousel (and yes I have had instances when it didn’t). Just be sure to check your airlines policy re the amount you can take on board as you don’t want to be penalised or told at the gate you have to check it in.

2. Have a ready made toiletry bag - for overnight trips, I have a toiletry bag in my cupboard stocked with my essentials. This saves me time working out what I need to pack the night before and risking leaving something behind, especially if I’m using that product in the morning before I go. Also rather than having full size products, I opt for a smaller version or transfer some into a smaller container so I’m not taking unnecessary weight. Also when you travel overseas, there are liquid volume restrictions and believe me, you don’t want to be that person that loses all of their expensive personal care products at the start of their holiday before they have even left the country!

3. Familiarise yourself with the airport x-ray procedures - These days it is standard to ensure that all metal is removed from your body eg heavy jewellery, belts and shoes, that your laptop or iPad are removed from their case and battery packs, umbrellas or any aerosols are also shown to the security guards. This can really slow up your processing through security if you have to keep going back through the x-ray due to beeping or prohibited items in your bags. To prevent this slowing me down, I ensure my shoes don’t have metal so I can leave them on my feet (some international airports still require you to remove all footwear however), that I’m not wearing a heavy metal watch, my pockets are empty, I don’t have any sharps or liquids greater than 100mL (when going international) and that my laptop is in my hand ready to be placed in a tray, while I wait in line for my turn. A bag that you can zip up is also great as you reduce the risk of things falling out easily as it passes along the belt through the x-ray machine.

4. Hoodie, eye mask, ear phones - when traveling on long haul flights I ensure set myself up for optimal sleep potential. Whilst this is not always attainable, I at least ensure I have the above mentioned items. The ear phones so I can listen to relaxing music and block out sound, the eye mask to block the light and the hoodie to cover my head and face to keep me warm (aeroplane air conditioning can be brutal) and also add as another sound and light blocker. I read about this hoodie tip a few years back and it has made a massive difference to my long haul flight experience.

5. Water, healthy snacks, oils - as flying is dehydrating due to the air conditioning, it’s super important to stay hydrated before, during and after. When travelling international and knowing their restrictions on water not being allowed through security, I always finish the water I’m carrying on me and get some more water once I pass through the gate. Water has also been free on all flights I have been on, so be sure to take advantage and request as much as you need. Sometimes there is a limited food selection on the plane and at airports. Depending on how far I’m going I will always prepare something to have on hand when needed. A simple example of this is nuts. Just be careful that you don’t take prohibited items such as fruits or meats into different states or countries as this may cause issues for you as you go through the gate. You don’t want to be the next person on the Border Security TV show! And last but not least, I travel with my essential oils. These are great if I feel a headache coming on, am getting congested or if I’m feeling bloated. My mini oil pack has all my go to oils that can help ease a myriad of health discomforts so they come everywhere with me!

So there you have it! There are a few of my top travel tips that will hopefully help you on your next trip! Bon voyage!

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