Why I Got Rid Of The TV!

Last year I decided to conduct an experiment...could I live without my TV? Over the past 4 years I have phased out watching the news, following a series and general mindless TV watching. The TV was often switched off at the power point and even the rare times I would turn it on, I began to find that it was just a way to zone out and waste time. But living in what seems like a time poor world where each year appears to pass by faster than the last, I realised that I had betters ways to spend my spare time. I feel privileged to have beautiful beaches on my doorstep, a book shelf full of unread books and a delux bath tub. With these things and more at my fingertips, accompanied by m

JOY in 2018 Here I Come!

So after taking a month off from blogging...I’m back! However this year my blogging will be more organic i.e. I’ll write when I feel the urge rather than schedule a weekly blog for the purpose of consistency. Topics will continue to range depending on how I feel and what I’m interested in at the time. However if there is anything in particular you want to hear more about, then please do reach out. But to start of 2018 and as I near my 31st birthday, I thought I might take this opportunity to share with you all, a bit about me and where I come from. Born in Adelaide on March 3rd 1987, I grew up as an only child. It wasn’t that my parents couldn’t have more children, but my mother felt that on

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