The Power Of The Moon!

Do you ever find yourself gazing up at the moon on a clear night in wonderment? Or drawn to the glow of a full moon high in the sky? I myself could spend hours staring at the beautiful moon. It feels so close and yet so far, and in that offers up so much possibility on what else is really out there. It gives us perspective on just how small our world is, and as it circles around us, controls our large water bodies. As you know the moon pulls on the ocean creating the tides and due to the fact our body's consist largely of water, we too are affected by the waxing and waning of the moon. As a female, we each have cycles that wax and wane, impacting our hormones. And just like the moon, when bo

I'm A Rare Gen Y!

In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly common for people to have multiple jobs and roles before they even reach 30. Choosing a career and sticking to it, is not something that is expected, as the ever changing technology and our desire for something new and different, never seems to be satisfied. People demand choice, they don't want to feel locked in or cornered. There are more options and there is more freedom of speech, so we are challenging the status quo more and more. I think challenging is great and options are needed. We are all so different and have different gifts to offer, so it's understandable no one wants to feel boxed in anymore. Having recently turned 30, I a tad ov

Why I Unsubscribe!

Having blogged previously about why I turn off notifications on my phone...I want to also discuss the benefits of unsubscribing to those unnecessary emails. These days nearly every site you go to, has an option to enter your email address. This can be voluntary, or in some instances compulsory in order to get any content and value. If you browse sites regularly, chances are your email is everywhere and hence your inbox and junk box are choccas with emails. Granted some may have some value enclosed for you, I would say it's safe to assume the majority are spam. As you see your emails build up, this can induce anxiety as you ask yourself when you will find time to sift through all of them. You

You Are What You Drink!

I recently decided to upgrade my water filter. The quality of the water you drink is something that shouldn't be compromised on as far as I'm concerned. Given that the human body is around 70% water, we need to ensure we are drinking enough good quality water to keep our body functioning at an optimal. Water is required in the majority of reactions at a cellular level and lack of water aka dehydration can cause a host of issues that may be fatal. Unfortunately, even though the tap water in Australia may be safer to drink than in other countries around the world, I ask you to question if it is really safe enough? The government believe the solution to safe water in Australia is as simple as p

My Indian Adventure!

You may have noticed my blogs have been quiet the past month...that's because I was lucky enough to embark on an Indian adventure! Excited to be journeying around a new country with dear friends, we had a beautifully ensembled itinerary which consisted of some yoga, meditation, sight seeing, shopping and relaxation time. What ensued was that and much much more! I loved my holiday from start to finish. My senses were tantalised with new smells, an array of colours, amazing tastes and hot dry weather. The people were friendly, the culture was fascinating and the country simply amazing. Never once did we feel unsafe and gratefully no one fell ill. We met amazing people, learnt more about the Hi

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