Why I Unsubscribe!

Having blogged previously about why I turn off notifications on my phone...I want to also discuss the benefits of unsubscribing to those unnecessary emails.

These days nearly every site you go to, has an option to enter your email address. This can be voluntary, or in some instances compulsory in order to get any content and value. If you browse sites regularly, chances are your email is everywhere and hence your inbox and junk box are choccas with emails. Granted some may have some value enclosed for you, I would say it's safe to assume the majority are spam.

As you see your emails build up, this can induce anxiety as you ask yourself when you will find time to sift through all of them. You may even find you miss important emails among the junk, which can be frustrating also. So why do you continue to allow these emails that are adding nothing to your life, to keep piling up?!

Begin unsubscribing today and stop giving out your email so generously unless you truly feel what will land in your inbox will add some form of joy to your life!

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