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"Spiritual counselling is a method of intervening in a person’s thought process so as to increase their ability to deal with issues in their life that they are grappling with. Spiritual counselling adds a dimension to this of giving them a context in which to understand the origin of their actions and reactions as well as offering another belief system as to how they ought to behave." Credit: sphinxspiritual.com

How can Spiritual Counselling help you?

Spiritual counselling is a method of counselling based upon a set of spiritual values and how an individual is or isn't, applying these in their life. This form of counselling endeavours to get to the crux of the issue, as once this is uncovered, fast forward movement is guaranteed. 

Different to conventional counselling, spiritual counselling will help an individual or couple, understand their own part in how their life has unfolded and with a bigger picture, help them understand their higher purpose for which they have come to Earth this time. 

The counsellor can help clarify why the individual has relationships such as they are in their life at present, and how to move forward in order to bring more love, joy and fulfilment. 

Spiritual counselling is designed to act quickly so that past patterns are no longer inhibiting an individual and it is suitable for couples also. This form of counselling would be beneficial to couples at any stage of their relationship as a tool to help strengthen their relationship. 

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