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Parenting Coaching

"Parenting is opting to be in the life of a child to reinforce the child's development, to help it deal with the grind of daily living, to act as an adjunct to its own powers and to help steer it towards a 'higher' journey, without unnecessarily meddling in its affairs." Credit:

How can Parenting Coaching help you?

The paradox of parenting is that it is accepted how important it is, but so little attention is paid to it and so little is taught about it. In short, parenting is not understood, it is just entered into blindly with little done to grow the understanding of the parent, which is how a Parenting Coach can assist.

With a belief that parenting should be to the benefit of the child rather than to the benefit of the parent, is the key. Too many parents want convenience, unfortunately this comes at the cost of the child. We need to break the patterns of how we were parented and parent in a new way to ensure we have a bright future with the coming generations. 

Each child needs to be treated as an individual and as parents, we have much to learn from our children also. Children crave independence. Parenting coaching is applicable from pre-conception well into your child's adulthood. 

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