about me

My name is Nicola Poole and I am committed to helping you on your path to wellness. 

I use many different approaches in getting you to your optimum health and wellness. The key to this is personalising the right approach just for you. What you want, what suits your lifestyle and what your mind, body and spirit requires.

I hold qualifications in Human Nutrition, Concomitant Healing, Bachelor

of Science in Medicinal Chemistry, I am a qualified Yin Yoga & Kids Yoga

instructor and Parenting Coach. Having also completed a Diploma in

Spiritual Counselling, and becoming a certified Massage Therapist,

I value education and am always seeking ways to further develop my 

knowledge and understanding.

As a devoted mumma, I value family and commitment.

I am committed to providing you the very best possible care in order to

achieve true wellness.

know that I can make a difference to help you live the life you dream of.

What is Yin Yoga?

The practices of physical movement and stretching are so important in the continued wellness of our body's anatomy. Yoga is a practice that not only helps with physicality, but also is just as great for our minds. Mindfulness plays such a vital role in optimising our mental health, alleviating stress and allowing more you time. Yin yoga is a form of yoga which holds poses for 3 to 5 minutes in order to work deep into your fascia, your connective tissue protecting your muscles and organs. Yin yoga enables rejuvenation of your joints and muscles, whereby tension and emotions may be released in order to restore balance back into your life. 

How can Parenting Coaching help me?

"Parenting is opting to be in the life of a child to reinforce the child's development, to help it deal with the grind of daily living, to act as an adjunct to its own powers and to help steer it towards a 'higher' journey, without unnecessarily meddling in its affairs." The paradox of parenting is that it is accepted how important it is, but so little attention is paid to it and so little is taught about it. In short, parenting is not understood, it is just entered into blindly with little done to grow the understanding of the parent, which is how a Parenting Coach can assist.

What is Wholistic Massage?

Wholistic Massage combines a variety of classic whole body massage techniques with the practitioner's ability to tap into their intuition and create a meditative state of relaxation and healing for their client. Whether you are giving or receiving this treatment, you are entering a space of unconditional love and care, and will leave with a lasting sense of connectedness and peace. Having been taught all the required deep tissue massage techniques as well as how to access our innate ability to intuitively give the client what they need on an energetic level, you will be sure to love this experience.

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