What Goes Around Comes Around

Do you believe in karma? Do a good deed and a good deed will be done by you? Well I sure do! But my take might be slightly different to yours. Let me explain... I believe that we are a spirit having a physical experience here on earth. I believe that our spirit doesn't die and therefore our spirit has many different physical experiences or lifetimes in different bodies. If in our lifetime we do "things" that negatively influence or harm another, this incurs a "debt" and that debt then impacts what situations my spirit will be put into, in subsequent lifetime as it needs to be "repaid" to reestablish balance and harmony. We will face challenges in our lifetime that are placed there to t

Filter Your Water!

So I have previously blogged about how important it is to drink quality filtered water...but what about the water we shower in? Of course this is the same chemical laden water that we get through our pipes in Australia, so why don't more people consider shower filters? Our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs A LOT. Awareness is rising regarding our skincare products, with a push for more organic options that reduce the chemical load on our bodies. With the chemicals in our shower water, largely chlorine, this too should be of concern. There are a variety of shower filters on the market now, so it's important to do your research. Ensure that the filter won't significantly reduce in efficien

Why I Float!

For over a year now I have been enjoying regular floats. This is somewhat of a new concept that has been reinvented from years ago, with floatation centres popping up all over the place. There are numerous variations but most float tanks have around 25cm of water and 500kg of Epsom salts. The water temperature is that of our body temperature in order to create a sensation of "oneness" with the water. Some centres offer rooms or baths, others a pod which ensures you are deprived from light and sound. This theory of sensory deprivation, was initially designed for torture, until the victims had an unlikely relaxation result, having been in the tank. Some may still believe it to be torturous, fl

How To Exercise!

With society in general feeling more time poor than ever, when are we really supposed to find time for structured exercise? For some it may be a habit, addiction or hobby but for others, gym memberships can go unused, workout clothes are rarely worn (anywhere but around home or to the supermarket) and old exercise equipment collects cobwebs in the garage! Are you ever going to use that ab cruncher you purchased on a whim while watching late night infomercials and stuffing your face with chips?! Whilst I enjoy a walk in nature, swimming at my local pool or a yoga class, some weeks it is increasingly difficult for me to integrate this into my hectic schedule. I prioritise getting 8 hours of sl

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