You Are What You Metabolise

I'm sure you have heard the expression "you are what you eat" which is an extent. You might eat "well" sourcing good quality organic foods and still not feel as though you are operating at your optimum. Why you might ask? Because "you are what you metabolise". I have spent over 5 years now cleaning up my diet, trying different foods, reducing processed foods, eliminating sugar, introducing fermentation and dabbling with fasting. If there is a new fad or diet, it's likely I have researched it and if it impressed me enough, I implemented it for a period too. I find the fact that there is no one hard and fast rule when it comes to nutrition, for us all, fascinating. We are all built t

Femininity is Not a Dirty Word

This is a word/concept I have played with, danced around, researched and of late experimented with truly embodying. Not only applicable to women, men too have a feminine side and this is definitely an area we have at large suppressed in modern society as so many of us operate daily from our masculine. Brought up to compete, desire power and wealth and being led primarily from a place of ego, this masculine state is direct, unforgiving and operates largely from the mind. On the other hand the feminine being is nurturing, loving, soft, vulnerable, non-judgemental and in a state of flow. This is where I would rather be and being a female you would think this would come easy right? Wron

Spirituality vs Religion

Are you religious or are you spiritual? Can you have religion within spirituality or spirituality within religion? For me...I class myself as a non-religious spiritual being. Whilst religion fascinates me and I love learning about and speaking to people of all different types of religion, I choose not to classify myself within one of these religious sects. Rather, I have a belief that there is something greater than us, a sort of creator and that we are spiritual beings having a physical earthly experience. I'm not sharing my beliefs to offend, judge or cause any conflict, rather to share a little more of myself and what makes me me! Spirituality has been a part of my life for a number of ye

Minimalism such a hot topic right now! I love reading and listening about all things minimalistic. Gone are the days where minimalism meant white, stark, clinical or sterile. Now our lives can be minimalistic, simple, beautiful, loving and cosy. Now I understand why this is a pivotal part of how I function. It’s one crazy busy mind I have up there! But ensuring my house, office, desk and car are clutter free, instills a fraction more order and peace into my day. I have had a minimalistic mindset for as long as I can remember. For me it has always been creating an environment that is clutter free so my head doesn't feel as overwhelmed and chaotic. My theory is a clearer world outside, wi

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