Femininity is Not a Dirty Word

This is a word/concept I have played with, danced around, researched and of late experimented with truly embodying. Not only applicable to women, men too have a feminine side and this is definitely an area we have at large suppressed in modern society as so many of us operate daily from our masculine. Brought up to compete, desire power and wealth and being led primarily from a place of ego, this masculine state is direct, unforgiving and operates largely from the mind. On the other hand the feminine being is nurturing, loving, soft, vulnerable, non-judgemental and in a state of flow. This is where I would rather be and being a female you would think this would come easy right? Wrong! Whilst I'm a massive advocate for gender equality, women these days feel they need to prove themselves in what has been a male dominated world. In order to do this, they take on male characteristics so as to feel as though they are making an impact, being seen and heard. This is how I was brought up, with an expectation of challenging the males in my life, which I managed to successfully do! However some may have seen me as "successful" up until now, this way of operating has been to my detriment. I now find myself in a place of choosing to unlearn these traits, some may call "skills" and habits. By being more in my feminine, this encourages me to feel more, to be more open, to act with grace and compassion and to expose my strength in my softness. Coming from this place of yin in a largely yang world can be challenging, confronting and exposing all at the same time. But I have come to learn that the future leaders of our world will be the women...leading by example, with love, empathy and understanding. Women have the ability to lift those around them and can love bigger, wider and deeper. We need more women in the world to dive into their feminine, to explore their yin and return to the true essence of their womanhood. I do hope that you will join me!

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