Minimalism such a hot topic right now! I love reading and listening about all things minimalistic. Gone are the days where minimalism meant white, stark, clinical or sterile. Now our lives can be minimalistic, simple, beautiful, loving and cosy.

Now I understand why this is a pivotal part of how I function. It’s one crazy busy mind I have up there! But ensuring my house, office, desk and car are clutter free, instills a fraction more order and peace into my day. I have had a minimalistic mindset for as long as I can remember. For me it has always been creating an environment that is clutter free so my head doesn't feel as overwhelmed and chaotic. My theory is a clearer world outside, will help clear up my inside world.

It has also been said that by decluttering, you are increasing the chi (life energy) of your home. Some believe that the secret to an easier life is to reduce the amount of stuff you own. Think about it, less stuff = less worry = less cleaning = less maintenance = less chance of losing it = less anxiety!

Leonardo da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Of late however, I have taken this to the next level as I become more passionate about sustainability. Living in a consumerism world, for a long time we have measured ourselves on what we have acquired in material possessions, as relative to our success. Now we are learning how it is not what we own, rather than the experiences we have that makes us who we are! I gain satisfaction from regularly cleaning out my home, reassessing whether or not particular items are in service anymore and if not, ensuring they are passed onto a more loving home. If the item no longer offers me an everyday practicality/functionality or doesn't bring me joy, then it's out!

I try to avoid the ‘just in case’ mentality, most of the time we hang onto these items and still never end up using them. I also don’t feel obligated to retain gifts that don’t add value to me. That is not to say I wasn’t gracious and grateful when receiving them, but if it isn’t adding to a greater feeling of internal beauty – then it’s time to let it go! This may sound ruthless but it is a practice I have had since childhood...maybe as a result of having hoarders for parents!? I now also stop and think twice before I bring new things into my home. Is this item necessary? Do I really need it? You may be surprised on how little we really need to live. Many people have written about this and continue to stretch themselves, living with as little as possible, even if they are in the position to be able to buy what they want. I love what Gandhi had to say about this… “You may have occasion to possess or use material things, but the secret of life lies in never missing them.”

I think we are extremely lucky to live in a country where the majority of us have a roof over our head and food on the table and then some. Of course we need to consider those less fortunate and how we can help them. I believe this begins with revaluating your consumerism habits and maybe next time rather than rushing out to purchase the latest and greatest, working out if you have something else that can fulfil its purpose or be adapted in any way! After all we come into this world without material possessions and we will leave not able to take them with us!

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