You Are What You Metabolise

I'm sure you have heard the expression "you are what you eat" which is an extent. You might eat "well" sourcing good quality organic foods and still not feel as though you are operating at your optimum. Why you might ask? Because "you are what you metabolise".

I have spent over 5 years now cleaning up my diet, trying different foods, reducing processed foods, eliminating sugar, introducing fermentation and dabbling with fasting. If there is a new fad or diet, it's likely I have researched it and if it impressed me enough, I implemented it for a period too. I find the fact that there is no one hard and fast rule when it comes to nutrition, for us all, fascinating. We are all built the same, but slightly differently, therefore have differing nutritional requirements. But how do you know what your body requires?

This is where I come in, now a qualified nutritionist and partnering with Nutripath, we are in a society where it is really important to being testing more in order to uncover exactly what it is your body needs to function optimally. Whilst what we eat is vital, how our body metabolises what we eat is really the crux of the matter. Without testing, it is hard to know exactly how one's metabolism works.

Elimination diets can be great and food journals can help you link any symptoms you experience post meals to likely trigger foods, however our bodies are a complexity of enzymes, hormones and metabolites which can complicate matters as we are designed to override, adapt and manage accordingly.

Having received some quantifiable answers in my personal health journey (which I will write about in more detail soon), I strongly encourage you to consider not just what you eat, but how your body copes with that. Because just because you're eating a "healthy" diet, doesn't guarantee that you'll be healthy!

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