How To Minimise Your Wifi Exposure

If you’re interested in the health and wellness space then it won’t be new to you that there are increasing concerns around our wifi exposure and how this is impacting on our health. Not that many years ago we relied on dial up internet. But as demand have increased we can now get online virtually anywhere at anytime. Most homes, schools, shops, cafes and restaurants now have wifi. You can get wifi at the airports, on the buses and trains as the list goes on. As a gen Y I appreciate technology and the convenience it has added to our life, but at what cost? Working from home required me to have wifi setup, however when I’m not working, do I really need it? This got me thinking and aside from

My 6 Favourite House Plants

Who doesn’t love a plant?! They love us so much, transforming the waste carbon dioxide we exhale into pure oxygen ready for us to inhale. They help to detoxify your home and they look beautiful. Now I wasn’t brought up being taught how to mind plants and am certainly not gifted with a green thumb, but a little sunlight, water and tlc seems to go a long way. I also observe my plants, if they start to look a little droopy, I water them. If they start to look a little yellow, I try to work out if I am drowning them. If they don’t looks as green, maybe they need to be moved to a sunnier spot or if they are developing burnt brown edges, maybe they need more shade. You don’t have to have a degree

To Believe Or Not To Believe? That Is The Question!

As a society we have a need to box people into particular sects or groups. It generally has to do with beliefs and values systems and seemingly helps others better understand what type of person you are. This tends to offer comfort to many and whilst there are gross over generalisations and skepticism, people feel better knowing what they are a part of and maybe more importantly, what they are not a part of. Growing up myself without any label or belonging to a group, has given me the opportunity to seek out where I feel I fit in, as well as choose where I want to attempt to belong. Having friends with differing religious beliefs along with travel, has exposed me to a variety of value system

Why I Am A Recovering Perfectionist!

Brought up by a perfectionist mother, I used to hold the belief that unless you do it and get it right, keep trying until you do. Whether it was school work or sport or how I dressed myself, everything I did had to be done perfectly, or I would receive criticism and be made to fix it until it was good enough for her expectations. In an extreme example of this, I recall in my year 11 fashion class, having to unpick the work I had done that day at school which the teacher was impressed by, because it didn't meet my mother's standard of 20 years working as a dressmaker. Whilst I can appreciate a job well done, and taking pride in what I do, I do feel we have become a little too obsessed with th

Where Energy Flows, Love Grows!

Anyone who knows me, knows I take great pride in how I decorate and setup my home. This doesn't mean I invest hundreds and thousands of dollars in the latest and greatest furnishings and homewares, rather that I consider how I present my home, ensuring that it has flow. This is not something I have been formally trained in, I am not an interior decorator, nor am I well versed in Feng shui, but like everyone else, I have the ability to feel. Reflecting upon my childhood, I used to spend hours in my bedroom arranging, then re-arranging my bits and pieces. I would stand in my bedroom doorway and scan the room, examining how all aspects made me feel. The minute something didn't feel right, I wou

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