No, I'm not going to talk about how to best move on post a broken relationship...I'm talking trampolines! Rebounding is something that I have become aware of in the past few years. There is good science to show the benefits of bouncing on a trampoline for just 10 minutes a day. Not only does this help with your fitness, heart health and lung capacity. But it works at stimulating your lymphatic system which assists the body's detoxification processes. By improving circulation, your body is able to operate more efficiently and you'll feel more energised. Personally, I invested in a small round trampoline. It packs away neatly in the cupboard when not in use and was a small investment to make,

The World of Podcasts

Over a year ago now I jumped onto the podcast bandwagon. Whilst I was a late starter, I have definitely leveraged the podcast world to help grow my knowledge base. Living on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, often when I have a work commute to make, my standard drive is at least an hour. Now rather than listening to the radio, full of commercials and negative news, I choose to educate myself by listening to podcasts. There are a plethora of topics to choose from and I would almost guarantee that at least one of your favourite or admired celebrity personalities would have created or have been featured in a pod cast. I could go on to list all of the incredible topics that may be covered in p

POEM - All You Need Is Love

What is the meaning of love? And who defines this? Is it really so high above? A state of elating bliss? What is the definition of hate? And who would inflict this? Is there really a revolving gate, In-between which these two worlds exist? To know what we call love, Must you have first experienced hate? Do you think before you shove, Or decide to start a debate? Why can’t it be clear cut, Simple and straight forward? Rather we often land in a rut, Having nothing to work toward. I believe love is the vital key, That keeps the world spinning. It seems so clear to me, As this would result in us all winning. So ensure that you share a lot, Now don’t you be shy. Because giving al

Do You Feel Equal?

Equality is one of those things I believe we all want to feel, however seldom seem to ponder in its totality. Equality may also mean slightly different things to different people. Have you actually ever taken the time to explore the meaning of equality for you, and how it may apply, or not, in your life? Let us delve in... There are layers of equality, from societal, to within your work and then narrowed down to within your family and home unit. Then there is gender equality and equality among all beings large and small on this planet that we live on. Today's incessant need for power and money results in a largely ego driven world dominated by the greedy. It would be safe to say that egocent

POEM - Embrace This Moment

As I sit here in wonder, At where my life has been. Constantly the need to ponder, As I decipher reality from a dream. Delusion has been a real part, Of my over active mind. Despite believing I have a good heart, I can now see where once I was blind. Entering a whole new era, I am still fumbling around. But slowly I am becoming clearer, As life becomes even more profound. Do I live with regrets? No. But would I change my past? Yes. All I want to do is grow, Alas it does seem that I have regressed. This life is not easy, Although I wouldn't have it any other way. And I know that I'm sounding cheesy, But at least I'm having my say! As I continue to move forward, Trying hard not

Benefits of Ghee

As a lover of Indian food, I have dabbled with the use of ghee over the years. There are many benefits of ghee, which I will touch on later, however I recently had the pleasure of being taught how to make my own ghee from scratch. As a nutritionist, I love understanding the origin of foods and, time permitting, will generally try to at least experiment with making as much of what I consume, from scratch. In our busy, fast paced world, this sometimes isn't always a luxury I have, but I will always give something a try at least once in order to more deeply appreciate the food and enjoy sharing it with loved ones knowing that my love went into making that particular item/dish. I was surprised a

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