Do You Feel Equal?

Equality is one of those things I believe we all want to feel, however seldom seem to ponder in its totality. Equality may also mean slightly different things to different people. Have you actually ever taken the time to explore the meaning of equality for you, and how it may apply, or not, in your life?

Let us delve in... There are layers of equality, from societal, to within your work and then narrowed down to within your family and home unit. Then there is gender equality and equality among all beings large and small on this planet that we live on. Today's incessant need for power and money results in a largely ego driven world dominated by the greedy. It would be safe to say that egocentric people feel that they are above many, hence they exhibit traits of inequality.

From a spiritual perspective, I believe that we are all equal, in the sense that we all have the right to share our views, participate in the same activities should we choose and that no one is "better" than another, including animals. Everyone deserves equal opportunity and has the right to grow and evolve throughout their life. That being said, I would be naive to believe that we are all of the same evolution.

Having a belief that we live multiple lives, a child may have lived more lives than their parent, thus is more evolved. This leads me to believe that children and adults are therefore equal and every life on this earth has an equal worth. Men and women deserve to be treated equally as do people who choose same sex marriage. As a society we are extremely judgmental and this is another reason inequality is rife. By becoming more tolerant we can reduce this judgment and this can be achieved by exercising our resilience.

So next time, before you think less of someone who may hold a job role "below" yours, or judge a child on their lack of life experience, remember that we are all humans with the birthright to choose love and to grow...this is how we can create a better world in which to live!

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