Aluminum Free Deodorant

You might have noticed the deodorant* movement where manufacturers and consumers are seeking aluminium free options, but do you understand why? Aluminium is a metal that when in the body in excess will store in deposits that significantly impact your bodily systems. It has been linked with breast cancer, Alzheimer's, bone disorders, kidney problems and a host of other issues. Aluminium is also a known neurotoxin (1). This is largely why you DO NOT want aluminium unnecessarily applied to your body where it will invariably be absorbed. The risk is heightened when you shave under your arms and potentially nick yourself, as when the deodorant is applied, it will soak in even more readily. A cle

How Time Flies

Don't you think it's funny how so many of us keep saying that it feels like time is flying by faster and faster each year!? That it feels like the year goes quicker and it's Christmas before we know it? Well there is one thing for certain and that's not that time is going by any faster. The length of the year is the same as it was 100 years ago and will be the same it is in 100 years time. So what's the difference then? We seem to be cramming more and more into our already crazy busy lives! The days of a lazy Sunday or Fridays nights in seem to be long gone. Instead we find ourselves juggling more jobs, working longer hours, multitasking and trying to fit it all in, so as to please every

Write Your Way to Grateful

Gratitude journalling has been a much talked about topic for the past few years...why? Because it works! Some people like to do this daily. They might give thanks before they eat their meal, be grateful for the fact they woke up that morning with a roof over their head, or feel gratitude toward their able body which carries them effortlessly through their day. It might be as simple as staying this out loud, in their head, writing it down or better still doing all of these! So whether it is thinking, saying or writing, how can you be more grateful today? Begin implementing gratitude into your daily life and you will be amazed at how your life begins to open up and ways you can't even imagine!

New Years

So with a new year upon us many people decide it's a good time to start something new, create a resolution or attempt to begin a new habit or maybe stop an old one. Many of us start strong, initially committing fully, only to be overcome with the craziness of life some days, weeks or if you're lucky months later. This leaves a trail of broken New Years resolutions, unformed habits and disappointment behind you by the end of the next year, only to repeat similar mistakes again. Why is it we seem to be slow learners? Why do we begin the year so positive and full of determination only to have this squashed and be disheartened by our failed attempts, other's influences or all of the temptation

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