How Time Flies

Don't you think it's funny how so many of us keep saying that it feels like time is flying by faster and faster each year!? That it feels like the year goes quicker and it's Christmas before we know it? Well there is one thing for certain and that's not that time is going by any faster. The length of the year is the same as it was 100 years ago and will be the same it is in 100 years time. So what's the difference then? We seem to be cramming more and more into our already crazy busy lives! The days of a lazy Sunday or Fridays nights in seem to be long gone. Instead we find ourselves juggling more jobs, working longer hours, multitasking and trying to fit it all in, so as to please everyone around us, insert: boss, husband, wife, kids, mum, dad, friends...the list goes on. When did you last stop to please yourself? When did you last put yourself first for a change? When did you last check in to decide what you really wanted to do, rather than simply check your calendar and know the your day would be made up of whatever had been planned months ago? We constantly live in a state of doing, wanting to overachieve and feeling like a failure if we're not able to meet all of the demands we put on ourselves. But there's the irony, we put these demands on ourselves. Sure we may feel pressure to provide for loved ones, but at the end of the day only we are responsible for business of our lives and the resultant fact that it feels as if time is passing us by. In some aspects time IS passing you by if you continue to exist in this state of overdrive. You're not living in the moment, practicing mindfulness and will wake up one morning to find your kids have all grown up or your partner has left you, with little to no comprehension as to why and when that happened! One thing I know for certain...we are human beings not human doings. Stop, be more and do less and I guarantee that you will know exactly on what and where your time has gone!

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