Why Pets Help Us Grow In Love!

Everyone seems to be privy these days to the fact that pets help keep us young, active and are great company. Studies have shown that domesticated animals can significantly contribute to longevity as well as to help increase immunity and therefore minimise illness and allergies, especially if you grow up with pets in the home. Pets can give their owners a deeper sense of purpose and responsibility as well as endless rewards and love. I have been taught that animals are here to teach us how to love unconditionally, and the more I witness and understand, the more I can see just how true this is. They will self sacrifice, instantly forgive, know when you need them the most, listen and hold s

The Gift of Giving

Having previously written about gratitude and gratefulness, for me this encompasses another passion of mine which is volunteering. Brought up in a household with parents that readily volunteered and donated both their time and money, it was vital for them to teach me the importance of giving back. When so many of us living in this country are blessed enough to have all that we need and often more, I believe it is invaluable to understand that there are others less fortunate who deserve some help. It can be as simple as acknowledging or listening to them, or providing a meal or some clean clothes for them. Extending beyond our fellow humans, we have animals who need our help also, it

Mental Health Illness vs Emotional Illness

Today the term "mental illness" gets thrown around a lot. That being said I also have the belief that a lot of mental illness goes undiagnosed as well. However I want to pose the concept of emotional illness and more specifically how I have come to understand that a lot of emotional illness has been incorrectly diagnosed as mental illness. Without wanting to quote the dictionary meaning of mental illness, my belief is that essentially mental illnesses are as a result of many years of suppression e.g. from childhood violence or violation, or an imbalance in brain chemistry that may or may not be genetic. Mental illness can also arise from years of substance abuse, which is more as a result

Why I Turned Most Notifications Off

It's fair to say we live in a world of over stimulation...surrounded by 24 hour shops, television, emails, demanding jobs and families...if we didn't "need" sleep, some of us wouldn't stop at all. Most of us are operating in survival mode. We also have rising rates of anxiety, with people always on edge and permanently functioning in fight or flight mode. I don't know about you, but I haven't seen any wild lions or tigers roaming around the streets, which might actually pose a threat. Have you? Yet why do so many of us operate from this place of fear? Likely it began from childhood with the pressures we felt from our parents to perform. This then morphed into the expectations we put upo

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