Slowing Down

In the past 7 months I have sustained 2 significant injuries...each time, what I have been faced with is the inevitable need to slow down. How often when we are in a rush and living mindlessly, are we faced with more obstacles to slow us down? When you're running late and you get EVERY red light. Or when you get to your appointment and realise you have forgotten the crucial item that everyone is relying upon to make the final decision. When we are always in a hurry and constantly creating issues that test us and frustrate us further, it's definitely a time to stop, reflect and step back. To take heed and consciously slow down, can be the key to preventing something worse happening. Whilst I

Why Multi-tasking is a Multi-fail

"Multi-tasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time", according to Steve Uzzell. I'm guilty of multi-tasking. Brought up in an era and by a mother who prided herself on her multi-tasking ability, I always thought the more I could do at once the better. Turns out I was wrong. Not only is multi-tasking inefficient, your chance of making a mistake or messing things up increases. As humans we were not created with the ability to successfully multi-task. Our brain, whilst complex and magnificent, has a limit on what it is able to properly process simultaneously. Whilst we all know we have the ability to do more than one thing at a time e.g. I can stand on one leg wh

Are You Accountable?

Do you take accountability for your actions? I don't just mean do you accountability for getting out of bed in the morning when your alarm goes off and dragging yourself to work Monday to Friday. Do you actually take full accountability for your actions which will subsequently impact another? Many of us simply fluff through life doing what we are told and not asking any questions. We accept that are parents know best and that the government leading our country will have our best interests at heart. We take for granted where our food comes from (the supermarket right?!) and where our waste goes to. As a society we have largely lost sight of this bigger scale, but as a result we have also give

The Power of Honesty!

Do you believe yourself to be an honest human being? Do you pay your taxes? Do you tell your parents you love them? Do you keep your boss happy by telling them how good they are looking? How about you tell a stranger they have some food stuck in their teeth when they smile at you? Do you admit to picking your nose? Do you tell your partner that they are not meeting your needs because they have changed over time, rather than just nag at them to do some more chores? There are tiers of honesty as I have come to learn, because not saying something, can also be a form of dishonesty. So many of us have been taught that honesty means to tell others what they want to hear, because what hap

Freedom of Choice

Fortunate enough to live in a democratic society (although I accept it has its fair share of issues), technically we live here in the first world with freedom of speech and choice. Some may argue are choices are limited, but when you really hone in on your sphere of influence, we have the ability and I would say luxury, to may millions of choices a day. Let me explain... We can choose if and when to get out of bed, what we are going to wear, if we are going to eat breakfast and what that may consist of. We choose what we want to do for work and how we are going to get there. We choose if we want to get married and if we want to have children. We choose where we want to live and how we fill o

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