Mental Health Illness vs Emotional Illness

Today the term "mental illness" gets thrown around a lot. That being said I also have the belief that a lot of mental illness goes undiagnosed as well. However I want to pose the concept of emotional illness and more specifically how I have come to understand that a lot of emotional illness has been incorrectly diagnosed as mental illness. Without wanting to quote the dictionary meaning of mental illness, my belief is that essentially mental illnesses are as a result of many years of suppression e.g. from childhood violence or violation, or an imbalance in brain chemistry that may or may not be genetic. Mental illness can also arise from years of substance abuse, which is more as a result of one’s environment. I'm certain other's will have differing opinions...however I want to dive more deeply into this concept of emotional illness, a term currently not widely used, but perhaps more appropriate to what we largely see in society today. With the diagnosed rates of depression escalating at alarming rates and antidepressants being among the most highly prescribed medications, it's fair to say we are getting something really wrong here. Are the doctors incorrectly diagnosing? Or are they not aware of alternative conditions that may be presenting? My understanding of an emotional illness is an illness that results due to unresolved emotional issues. This may present with symptoms like depression and anxiety, or anorexia and bulimia, but through love and support, counselling and unlocking these suppressed emotions (of which there are various methods you could explore e.g. acupuncture, meditation, hypnosis, yin yoga) an individual may be able to work through their "illness" without prescription medication. It is therefore not a permanent mental state that has been altered, rather an emotional state that is altered for a period of time, but is reversible through methods such as those mentioned above. I encourage you to ponder this concept of emotional illness and rather than be so quick to judge others or accept a diagnosis, go back into your childhood to uncover the source of your "illness" and begin to repair and heal yourself from a place of love, nurturing and compassion. As always, seek professional help if needed and know that you are not alone in your suffering, that there is a way forward.

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