Baby Body Gratitude!

As a person who has always battled with controlling my body weight, falling pregnant has been quite the journey. Years ago, I had convinced myself that I would be the pregnant woman who would put on lots of weight/fluid and prepared myself for the worst. My own mother was weight obsessed and I have had hormonal issues for as long as I can remember resulting in fluctuating weight my entire adult life. I went back to uni to study nutrition, as it had always fascinated me as there is not one hard and fast rule that fits everyone when it comes to finding the perfect diet. Thankfully I have never been so weight obsessed that it developed into an eating disorder, but I have always wanted, to stabi


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POEM: Dear Baby

Dear Baby Inside of me you grow, Getting bigger day by day. As my belly begins to show, I love to feel you play! You seem to move around a lot, Keeping me on my toes. A timid thing you seem not, Some of your kicks are way too low! So very excited to meet you, I can’t wait to to hold you near. Everything will be so new, I promise to love you dear. Hurry up now don’t be long, Your safe arrival we await. We are ready to sing your birthday song, Be sure to not be late!

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