Breastfeeding Journey

As many of you know, my journey into motherhood hasn’t quite been what I expected (I’ll be sharing more on this another time). Breastfeeding was always something I meant to do and whilst understanding that it definitely wouldn’t come easily, especially the first time around, I had educated myself and believed so strongly this was what I would be doing. Reading countless books, listening to podcasts and following motherhood advocates on social media, I thought I had it mostly sussed out. I even paid to do an online breastfeeding course by the Australian breastfeeding guru, Robyn Thompson. Alas for Gabrielle and myself, breastfeeding was not meant to be. Now this brought up feelings o


For Gabrielle... As I gaze down upon you, Admiring your beauty. Witnessing how fast you grew, As you become such a cutie. Full of personality and joy, So innocent and sweet. Not that interested in your toys, A cuddle becomes the perfect treat. Smiles that light up a room, Eyes that speak silent words. As I watch you really bloom, Talking more in order to be heard. All I want for you, Is to feel safe and loved. For anything you go through, To feel understood and hugged. I love you so much, You’re so special to me. You’ve got lives to touch, So go forth and fly free. Love Mum xxx

Children's Photos on Social Media?

*Please know that I write this from a personal perspective and with no judgment on other parents and their individual choices. In an era where social media is rife and we seem to take more photographs than ever, gone are the days of privacy. Most of us choose to share virtually anything publicly, using limitless hashtags, and hoping for ultimate ‘likes’ and comments, thus maximum exposure. With algorithms tracking your google searches and then selling these to advertising companies so ads pop up in your news feed, as well as theories that we are being ‘listened to’ through our phones, I worry about where our future is headed. Educating myself and choosing wisely what I do and don’t

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