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Anyone who knows me, knows I take great pride in how I decorate and setup my home. This doesn't mean I invest hundreds and thousands of dollars in the latest and greatest furnishings and homewares, rather that I consider how I present my home, ensuring that it has flow.

This is not something I have been formally trained in, I am not an interior decorator, nor am I well versed in Feng shui, but like everyone else, I have the ability to feel. Reflecting upon my childhood, I used to spend hours in my bedroom arranging, then re-arranging my bits and pieces. I would stand in my bedroom doorway and scan the room, examining how all aspects made me feel. The minute something didn't feel right, I would remove, tweak, swap or shift things in a way until I felt satisfied.

I even remember calling in my mum for her opinion and suggestion on what I needed to shift to obtain the perfect balance I was after. Now I'm not talking symmetry, whilst nature works in a symmetrical way, very few things are perfectly symmetrical. That being said, most things in nature harbour balance.

As an adult I have always enjoyed making a house a home. Finding ways to bring in balance as well as a feeling of calm and serenity in the home is so very important to me. Living in this fast paced world, and having a fast paced mind, I feel more at ease when my surroundings are ordered and inspiring. Creating this sense of calm, helps me calm my mind and become more focused on the task at hand.

I believe in only bringing into my home things that are functional or that help make me feel beautiful. Ensuring my home is clutter-free and clean, is also important. How is present my home is so important to me and always lulls me to spend more time in my space and excites me to return to when I have been away. I of course enjoy sharing my space with friends and family, and enjoy my sense of pride when they comment on how positively the space I have created makes them feel as well!

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