My 6 Favourite House Plants

Who doesn’t love a plant?! They love us so much, transforming the waste carbon dioxide we exhale into pure oxygen ready for us to inhale. They help to detoxify your home and they look beautiful.

Now I wasn’t brought up being taught how to mind plants and am certainly not gifted with a green thumb, but a little sunlight, water and tlc seems to go a long way. I also observe my plants, if they start to look a little droopy, I water them. If they start to look a little yellow, I try to work out if I am drowning them. If they don’t looks as green, maybe they need to be moved to a sunnier spot or if they are developing burnt brown edges, maybe they need more shade.

You don’t have to have a degree in botany to have a basic understanding of plants and with doctor google at our fingertips we need to drop the excuses. Also if you’re renting, there is no reason why you can’t invest in a few inexpensive pots in order to take your plants with you when you move.

My plant obsession began with edibles. I loved the idea of having some mint and basil on my kitchen windowsill to use when I desired in my meals. Slowly this grew and I began to research good, low maintenance indoor plants.

So here are a few of my favourites (I won’t bore you with the science):

1. Peace Lilly - this beautiful plant is at the top of most lists as it is super easy to look after and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

2. Spider plant - another beautiful plant, it’s paler green leaves with white stripes cascade like a water fountain.

3. Snake plant - much spikier, this plant is a great detoxifier.

4. Fig leaf - becoming popular in the past couple of years, this plant has a beautiful, almost heart shaped leaf.

5. Boston fern - much more delicate this plant can be a little temperamental and quite particular on its ideal location, but even when I thought I had killed mine, a good trim and maybe a relocation has seen it come back to life.

6. Aloe Vera - a beautiful plant, this one is also very functional as you can use the aloe gel inside of the leaf on cuts and burns to help with healing.

You can start with a simple hardy plant and allow your collection to grow as your confidence grows. Give it a go and more importantly see how beautiful plants make your home look and feel amazing!

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