How To Minimise Your Wifi Exposure

If you’re interested in the health and wellness space then it won’t be new to you that there are increasing concerns around our wifi exposure and how this is impacting on our health. Not that many years ago we relied on dial up internet. But as demand have increased we can now get online virtually anywhere at anytime.

Most homes, schools, shops, cafes and restaurants now have wifi. You can get wifi at the airports, on the buses and trains as the list goes on. As a gen Y I appreciate technology and the convenience it has added to our life, but at what cost?

Working from home required me to have wifi setup, however when I’m not working, do I really need it? This got me thinking and aside from choosing a room I don’t use often to keep the modem in, I have since invested in an inexpensive (middle of the range digital timer costs $20) timer to plug the modem into. This means that while I’m asleep I’m not overexposing myself to unnecessary signals.

This is a small step to hopefully reduce my exposure over the longer term, which gives me a little relief and optimism in my health and vitality.

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