How To Exercise!

With society in general feeling more time poor than ever, when are we really supposed to find time for structured exercise?

For some it may be a habit, addiction or hobby but for others, gym memberships can go unused, workout clothes are rarely worn (anywhere but around home or to the supermarket) and old exercise equipment collects cobwebs in the garage! Are you ever going to use that ab cruncher you purchased on a whim while watching late night infomercials and stuffing your face with chips?!

Whilst I enjoy a walk in nature, swimming at my local pool or a yoga class, some weeks it is increasingly difficult for me to integrate this into my hectic schedule. I prioritise getting 8 hours of sleep, so sometimes getting up earlier isn't an option and with interstate travel for work, my routine is often disrupted. But here is what I try to do during my days to get some exercise in:

-take the stairs instead of the escalator

-stand rather than sit (did you know sitting is the new smoking?!)

-walk rather than drive to the shops (thankfully my local supermarket isn't too far away)

-carry my heavy groceries home (great weight training)

-clean my house...yes vacuuming and mopping can be a workout

-stretch on the ground while watching TV

I'm sure you can think of some additional ways to introduce some incidental exercise into your day...and your body will thank you for it!

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