What Goes Around Comes Around

Do you believe in karma? Do a good deed and a good deed will be done by you? Well I sure do! But my take might be slightly different to yours. Let me explain... I believe that we are a spirit having a physical experience here on earth. I believe that our spirit doesn't die and therefore our spirit has many different physical experiences or lifetimes in different bodies. If in our lifetime we do "things" that negatively influence or harm another, this incurs a "debt" and that debt then impacts what situations my spirit will be put into, in subsequent lifetime as it needs to be "repaid" to reestablish balance and harmony. We will face challenges in our lifetime that are placed there to test us and if we can find the courage to rise above and learn from/overcome that test, then that karma is thus repaid. This, therefore is not a simple concept or process, as it may take many people to play a role I our ability, or not, to repay this karma. Add to this the fact we may accumulate a lot of karma in any one lifetime and we may live many lifetimes, compounded by the fact we all also have freedom of choice (I'll touch on this in a blog soon). So you can appreciate how convoluted this may get. The long of the short is that I do believe in karma and this not only influences my choices to do more "good" in the world and to those around me, but it also helps me understand and then face, what challenges arise in my life as I believe everything happens for a reason!

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