Why I Float!

For over a year now I have been enjoying regular floats. This is somewhat of a new concept that has been reinvented from years ago, with floatation centres popping up all over the place.

There are numerous variations but most float tanks have around 25cm of water and 500kg of Epsom salts. The water temperature is that of our body temperature in order to create a sensation of "oneness" with the water. Some centres offer rooms or baths, others a pod which ensures you are deprived from light and sound. This theory of sensory deprivation, was initially designed for torture, until the victims had an unlikely relaxation result, having been in the tank.

Some may still believe it to be torturous, floating in water, in the dark, in (depending on the centre) a claustrophobic space, with nothing but your busy mind...I on the other hand feel like it's bliss. An hour never seems long enough while floating, where sometimes I'll fall into a deep sleep and other times, I'll scan through my mind and do some problem solving or breathing techniques. Either way they say an hour floating is equivalent to a 4 hour sleep, which I'll take any day!

And the benefits of floating don't stop there, the magnesium salts in the water that ensure you're buoyant and can't sink (aka drown), are absorbed through your skin and aid in restoring magnesium levels in your body which is important for chemical reactions, as well as softening your skin and relaxing muscles, assisting in peak body performance. The fact you feel weightless, means you can truly relax your body, removing the effects of gravity.

People have all sorts of experiences and can feel very different post float, as well as having a differing experience every time. So with no 2 floats being the same, but the benefits being felt and often improving the more you do, I highly recommend you give floating a go today!

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