The Power Of The Moon!

Do you ever find yourself gazing up at the moon on a clear night in wonderment? Or drawn to the glow of a full moon high in the sky?

I myself could spend hours staring at the beautiful moon. It feels so close and yet so far, and in that offers up so much possibility on what else is really out there. It gives us perspective on just how small our world is, and as it circles around us, controls our large water bodies.

As you know the moon pulls on the ocean creating the tides and due to the fact our body's consist largely of water, we too are affected by the waxing and waning of the moon.

As a female, we each have cycles that wax and wane, impacting our hormones. And just like the moon, when both cycles are in sync, this is when we exist more harmoniously. You may have heard more and more women referring to their monthly cycle as a "moon cycle" which is becoming a more popular term again.

There is lots to be learnt from our moon, so I encourage you to gaze at it and let it reenergise you, listening to and respecting its cycles as a part of your cycle.

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