I'm A Rare Gen Y!

In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly common for people to have multiple jobs and roles before they even reach 30. Choosing a career and sticking to it, is not something that is expected, as the ever changing technology and our desire for something new and different, never seems to be satisfied.

People demand choice, they don't want to feel locked in or cornered. There are more options and there is more freedom of speech, so we are challenging the status quo more and more. I think challenging is great and options are needed.

We are all so different and have different gifts to offer, so it's understandable no one wants to feel boxed in anymore. Having recently turned 30, I a tad over 6 months away from serving 10 years with the same employer. I'll be eligible for long service leave next year, as I have remained with the same company that employed me fresh out of university.

You may be surprised to hear that, but I guess in my case I should continue to explain...because in close to 10 years I have worked in 2 departments, 3 states and 3 vastly different roles. Moving around, working within different areas of the business and in very different roles, has given me a feeling of working for different companies. I have chosen to stay with the same employer for they have offered me further training, great experiences and supported my choices.

That being said I have embarked on a couple of post graduate diplomas in nutrition and spiritual counselling, qualified as a yoga teacher and started my own business in the past few years as well. Nothing like keeping it interesting!

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