You Are What You Drink!

I recently decided to upgrade my water filter. The quality of the water you drink is something that shouldn't be compromised on as far as I'm concerned. Given that the human body is around 70% water, we need to ensure we are drinking enough good quality water to keep our body functioning at an optimal.

Water is required in the majority of reactions at a cellular level and lack of water aka dehydration can cause a host of issues that may be fatal. Unfortunately, even though the tap water in Australia may be safer to drink than in other countries around the world, I ask you to question if it is really safe enough?

The government believe the solution to safe water in Australia is as simple as pumping a host of chemicals into it...that may neutralise any nasties in the water, but now we are consuming chemicals in their place. How do we know if they are safe for us? Fluoride and chlorine are 2 main chemicals used in water treatment. Unfortunately studies have shown that due to the quantities they are in, that they are unsafe for human consumption. Whilst some people may react more severely than others, the truth of the matter is that these chemicals then begin to impact upon your bodily functions and may also build up over time leading to potential toxicity.

It may sound like a grim outcome, but there are solutions...enter filters. Now again I have to be honest here and say not all filters are created equal. That being said if you have space, financial or housing limitations, then any filter is better than none. If space and money aren't an issue, then do your research and look for a filter that removes as many as the nasties as possible and involves regular filter changes and cleans to ensure that the water you're drinking is as clean and as safe as possible.

I can't stress enough that a lifetime of drinking tap water or not enough water can cause serious health issues, consider purchasing or upgrading your water filter today for the health and safety of yourself and your loved ones.

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