Ego Is Not A Dirty Word

The Ego is a topic that gets thrown around quite a lot these days. Is the ego good or bad, is generally the underlying topic up for discussion, as well as how the ego can serve you.

Maybe the Skyhooks were onto something back in the 70s when they wrote this song?!

In my spiritual learnings, I have come to understand that the ego exists in the upper levels of our minds and whilst may be there to protect us from making silly mistakes, it is also the driver of man’s desire for power and money. This leads to greed, manipulation and dishonesty in order to get what we want or believe we deserve.

The ego can get in the way of our spirit, the pure place from which we should be making our decisions and when allowing our ego to run the show, we can often end up isolating ourselves. The ego is often judgmental which leads to inequality.

As I gain a deeper understanding of how my ego plays out in my life, I continue to identify and attempt to minimise it’s air time. I choose to lead my life from a place of love rather than from a place of ego. I choose to strive for equality and non-judgement in my life. I choose to override my ego with my inner wisdom in order to live a more deeply fulfilling life!

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