Sitting Is The New Smoking!

Did you know that for they average office worker, they will spend around 68000 hours sitting over a 40 year career which doesn’t include the time you sit when you get home at night or on the weekend?!

That is the equivalent of sitting for 2833 days! Having worked in an office job which also involves some field time for nearly a decade now, I started to get worried about how all this sitting would impact my longer term health. As a result, I have jumped on the band wagon and invested in a standing desk for my home office.

Having used this for a couple of months now, I’m really starting to see and feel the benefits. I have to admit the first day I set it up for work, saw me lowering it and sitting down by lunch time. I had had enough! And what surprised me the next day when I awoke, my abs felt like they had had a workout! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting as quick a physical result as that and was astounded by the clear evidence.

Now not that much later, I have the ability to remaining standing for the majority of my day. I also find it means I move away from my desk more often, whereas previously when sitting, I could get lost in what I was doing and not get up for 3 hours, which is terrible for my circulation.

Having not changed a thing with my diet or exercise regimen, I feel more toned and noticeably different in my clothes. And that’s after only a couple of months! I really couldn’t be happier with my decision to upgrade to the standing desk and with so many options around these days, I have no doubt you will be able to find a desk that suits your work scenario also!

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