Slowing Down

In the past 7 months I have sustained 2 significant injuries...each time, what I have been faced with is the inevitable need to slow down.

How often when we are in a rush and living mindlessly, are we faced with more obstacles to slow us down? When you're running late and you get EVERY red light. Or when you get to your appointment and realise you have forgotten the crucial item that everyone is relying upon to make the final decision.

When we are always in a hurry and constantly creating issues that test us and frustrate us further, it's definitely a time to stop, reflect and step back. To take heed and consciously slow down, can be the key to preventing something worse happening.

Whilst I try to live as consciously as I can, I am guilty of rushing around and creating a "busy" life for myself. The result...injuring myself to the point where I'm unable to get around as I usually would. At the end of last year that was a knee ligament, last week, a broken ankle.

Whilst I am to a degree ashamed of such injuries, as both happened without being under any extenuating circumstances, I knew they happened for a reason and I am determined not to miss this loud and clear message. Taking time to reflect, meditate and ponder on why this happened to me, helps to find acceptance, peace and resolution on my current situation.

It's not easy and yes I get frustrated when it means missing out on things I love, but I am grateful that it wasn't a worse scenario and trust that my body has the ability to heal and restore itself quickly. During this process I have to surrender to asking for and accepting help from others. So it is also a way to work on my vulnerability and realisation that I am an imperfect, mortal being...just like everyone else, and I wouldn't change this for the world!

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