Sharing Energy

Do you share? As a child did you share your toys? Are you happy to share your food or your money? Will you share how you feel when someone asks, even if it's not so great that day? Will you give your child attention when they need it most? Will you offer your neighbour a helping hand or stop to say "hi" to the old man on the corner that you pass each day?

There are many ways in which we can share, not just physically, but also emotionally and energetically. We can even be sharing without consciously knowing so. Have you ever been sitting in silence with a loved one over breakfast in the morning? This is also a form of sharing. You are sharing not just your presence, but also your energy. What about when you are on the other side of the world from a loved one though. Are you able to "share" with them then? Absolutely. Just by thinking about them and sending them love, is sharing your energy. They may not be consciously aware of it in that moment, but they will be picking up on it at a cellular, energetic level.

Now what happens when we are in a room with loved ones, but are so consumed by the task at hand or our electronic devices? Despite being there in the physical sense, we are not energetically sharing with them. As a result they may feel like we are absent or 'not really there'. You may even be spending time reading a bedtime story to your child, all the while thinking about what you need to do the following day and how annoyed you are at the fact your partner hasn't been helping out around the home. This is not a form of sharing your energy and those in your presence can feel this.

At the risk of losing some of you, I'll take this even deeper. When you are physically apart from a loved one, and all consumed in what you are doing, they will also likely feel a sense of separation or maybe even rejection. How do you avoid this? It's not a matter of always thinking of another when you are with or without them and sending them loving energy. It's understanding that we are all connected. That we are not existing as solitary individuals, but that we are a collective. We are a family, a nation, a race, a planet, a solar system and a universe. We are all interconnect and we need to keep this in the depths of our consciousness.

By shutting ourselves off or closing down, we are depriving not only those around, but also the greater cosmos, of benefiting from our existence. By consciously connecting with ourselves, our loved ones and even with strangers, we are sharing our energy for the betterment of this world in which we live. Don't forget to share your energy with animals and nature as well. The most severe form of punishment to a loved one, is disconnecting yourself energetically.

Please continue to share your energy and grow in love, and the world we live in will become an even more beautiful place!

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