Conquer Your Fears

We live in a fear based world. This is how most governments work, by instilling fear into the populous, they then have the ability to exert more control. We also have fears in our life that may be learnt, brought forward from a past life or subconsciously copied.

Some of these fears can help keep us out of dangers away, thus are imperative for our livelihood. Others can keep us from living our lives to the fullest. It's these fears that I want to focus on. Those debilitating things or situations that stop us in our tracks. It could be anything from a fear of flying, to a fear of spiders.

But don't forget our other fears, such as a fear of exposure, fear of the unknown or a fear of failure. Sometimes these more deeply rooted, less obvious fears, are the most destabilising of all. Now rewind to a time in your life when you have overcome a fear you have had. It might have been the monkey bars at school or finally standing up for what you believe in and expressing your truth to a parent or teacher. How did you feel afterwards? Relieved, exhilarated, empowered, invincible?

Unless there was a horrific outcome (you fell and broke your arm or you received a sever punishment), chances are you would have felt a sense of accomplishment and hopefully one of self pride. So what if you kept working at finding the courage to overcome more of your fears? If you undid childhood blockages, understood how past lives impact on you today and overcome any inherited or copied fears that deep down, were never really your fears in the first place! What if you spoke your truth more, no matter how uncomfortable, if you took more risks, viewing them as opportunities to learn rather than a way to fail or if you intentionally broke a cycle in your family to bring your kids up with less fear?

If you want to live in an empowered world with more forward movement and proactivity and less stagnation and looking backward, then why not work on conquering your fears today?!

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