Colon Cleanses

To cleanse, or not to cleanse? That is the question! For years I was disgusted by the thought of having something put up my bottom in order to flush it out…surely it was an exit only route?! That was until I did more research, spoke to a few trusted friends and realised that it might not be that bad after all. People do juice cleanses, water fasts, detoxes, skin peels…the list goes on, in order to rid their body, inside and out, of toxins and re-establish the equilibrium. But why do most of us immediately cringe at the mention of colonics or enemas? I decided to give it a go and was so impressed by the results! Not only did I feel less bloated, I felt lighter, less clogged, clearer and more energised. The list of benefits both on the inside and out include: improved bowel regularity, relief from constipation, improved mood, improved digestion, an immune system boost, clearer and brighter complexion, alkalising, improved vitamin and mineral absorption, hydration, removal of intestinal parasites, reduced toxic load on the body, reduction of candida overgrowth and assistance in weight control/distribution, improved liver functionality. There are also a few important tips and tricks to know with regard to pre and post colon cleansing. First and foremost, it is vital that you ensure you are hydrated. When flushing out a lot of toxins, your body needs plenty of fluid to help mobilise and rid of this waste. So 2-3 days prior and certainly the day of your cleanse, make sure you drink lots of water (ideally 3 litres) and avoid coffee, soft drinks and alcohol.

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