The importance of feeling your emotions

Did you know that e-motions are literally ‘energy in motion’? We all have them and these emotions are interconnected with every thought we generate. So many of us choose not to feel our emotions, generally out of fear of the pain that feeling has caused us in the past. In a world where we are brought up, schooled and merited on our intellect and are more often than not, leading our lives from our mind instead of from our heart, we aren’t encouraged to actually express how we feel in a loving supportive environment. Constantly Seeking for answers outside of ourselves...Why is it that so few of us go within and actually feel the feeling, in order to seek the wisdom we crave!?

This conditioning results in us suppressing and burying our emotions due to the inability or lack of desire to deal with and truly feel them. These suppressed and buried emotions, then form blockages all throughout our bodies, interfering with our natural bodily systems and functioning and unbalancing us. As a result your body has to work much harder to function, reestablish it’s equilibrium and often times physical ailments will manifest as a consequence. Enter headaches, sore backs, necks and tight shoulders, just to mention a few!

Whilst genetics and your environment definitely have a role to play with any dis-ease states you manifest, I’m a firm believer that your emotions play a dominant part in this also. By identifying, addressing and then releasing these blocked emotions, you give your body the opportunity to function more harmoniously. Now who doesn’t want that?!

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