How Can You Be Lonely, When You’re Never Actually Alone?

We feel the separation from others, acknowledge times of isolation and often believe that we have to do everything by ourselves. And yet we crave connection during our journey here on earth. I see many people settle for mediocre relationships out of a fear of being alone. People tolerate abuse, manipulation and other hurts, for they would rather have something rather then be alone. The feeling of loneliness is something that creeps up on me like a dark shadow not wanting to be seen. It can be accessed when I reflect on my life and relationships gone by, as well as when I come home late at night to an empty space. It is a feeling that I too have feared but that I refuse to now let consume me. Because whilst we have times of loneliness, are we ever really actually alone? If you believe in energy, the universe and in spirit, chances are you believe in guides, angels and god or what ever you may call it/them. I don’t believe in coincidences and do believe that everything happens for a reason, hence I trust that there is divine intervention. That being the case, I believe that I am never really completely alone. This doesn’t mean that I never experience that feeling of loneliness, but aloneness no longer consumes me as I feel the connectedness of all beings and things.

I would not be me, without you, and you would not be you, without me. The next time you feel that sense of loneliness arise, remember that you are never truly alone and trust that you are loved, because you are. Own your life, your tests and your journey. You’ve got this!

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