Why When I Am Airborne Is When I Get The Most Clarity

Previously working in a job that required regular air travel and with a passion for overseas adventures, I find myself flying high quite a lot. This was great when I was studying part time as it offered me uninterrupted reading and revision opportunity. Now it offers me time and stillness to write. Whereas many people read, watch a movie or sleep while flying, my preference is to blog. I feel clearer without any distractions and the inability to readily move means there is no escape or opportunity for me to procrastinate (I know I’m procrastinating when I clean everything). I also feel more connected, able to flow and intuit, to the point that words flow effortlessly out of me and onto my page aka my iPhone notes app! This has now brought me to consider, is my creative ability to write freely whilst at altitude, attributable to the reduced distractions and forced stillness or is it because I am closer to the moon, the edges of the universe and the greater universe, therefore closer to spirit?!?

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