My Indian Adventure!

My oh my, such an amazing place...I truly and deeply love India. Having had my first Indian adventure last year, I couldn’t resist the urge to return. Asking for a sign to determine if I should go back so soon, and getting that within the day, my retreat place was secured and I awaited with excited anticipation, knowing that it would be yet another magical experience. There is no doubt I have lived a life or possible lives in India before. I feel so connected to the place, the people and the culture. It feels easy, natural and safe. My second trip was just as impactful and mesmerising as I was immersed into the world of Ayurveda. Going on retreat with 9 other beautiful women, in the mountain tops of Kerala, for a week, was such a rejuvenating, soul cleansing experience, I really can’t recommend I highly enough. We were so cared for and completely loved, the peace, beauty and energy of the surroundings was truly healing. The people were what really made the experience next to none. Their care, nurturing and loving nature was so deeply felt, tears filled my eyes the day I had to say goodbye. The purity of the place and people is what will leave a mark on my heart forever. To love another that you barely know, simply because they are a beautiful human, is the true meaning of Namaste “the spirit within me salutes the spirit within you” or “I bow to the divine in you”. If you have ever considered a trip to India, be sure to get in touch and take a look at the talented Belinda Odea’s tours!

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