Fussy Eaters

As a qualified nutritionist, I have the knowledge and understanding on how to create a healthy, balanced diet. Then I became a mum!

The first to admit I have judged other mothers on what they feed their kids, I can now wholeheartedly say, I won’t do that. Ever. Again.

Wanting to get the best food into my bubba is of course a priority, but when they begin to use their power of choice and free will, meal time takes a whole new twist.

Aside from the fact I had a daughter born with an undiagnosable eating disorder which resulted in her being nasogastric tube fed for the first 11 months of her life, we were grateful enough to overcome her oral aversion and have her getting enough caloric oral intake to fully wean off the tube before her first birthday.

This has presented us with a unique set of eating issues, but that aside she is now still a typical toddler that dislikes the majority of what I make her and has clear preferences for sweet, less healthy options and fruit pouches!

I feel like the organic homemade concoctions I conjure up, end up as abstract artwork on the table, floors and even walls. If I’m lucky the dog will help me clean some of it up. But alas it seems even the dog doesn’t love my cooking at times!

Then there is the effort to get her to eat the options I present her with, even if it’s the exact same thing she gobbled up the day prior. Insert meal time in front of the iPad or TV!

Again, never did I ever think I would resort to this, especially considering my daughter isn’t even 2 yet! But as a single mama and no other entertainment at the dinner table aside from myself, some days this becomes our reality now. And at least she eats. Albeit mindlessly.

Why am I sharing this...I’m far from perfect, I want the best for my child, I have high expectations of myself as a mum. But feeding my child something I know they will eat, in front of a screen, doesn’t make me a terrible mum! Oh how I have come a long way!

We all do what we need to do in order to make things work at times. I vow not to judge other mums and can now vouch to yet another layer being peeled back as I continue to shed the proverbial layers that we put in place to protect ourselves! What do you do as a mum that you swore you never would?!

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