Starting A New Relationship!

Whether you’re a happily single or in a long term relationship, this article applies to you! Those of us who aren’t in a relationship, long to be in one. This is only natural. As humans we learn so much by being in a romantic relationship, about ourselves and just how much others can differ. This can be a testing time, but the growth that is possible can be immeasurable and can add to a more deeply fulfilling and loving life. Before anyone enters into a relationship however, it is super important that you have a high sense of self worth. Unfortunately today, many of us do not. This can be as a result of our upbringing; being told we aren’t good enough, being the recipient of bullying, or constantly feeling the need to compete with others. Next there is this little rule that I believe applies to all of our relationships, and that is ‘like attracts like’. Wherever you are in your life at present from an emotional and spiritual perspective, is what you will attract to you. This can be a hard rule for people to accept, especially if they feel they have been on the receiving end of poor treatment by a partner. But it’s important to remember everything happens for a reason (of course this doesn’t mean I advocate abusive relationships). Another important aspect as you hopefully consciously choose to enter into a new relationship, is that you need to create space for the other person in your life. This may include making some sacrifices or compromising on previous lifestyle choices you have made, as now you have someone else to take into consideration. Lastly it takes a good few months to get to know someone properly. Many of us can get so caught up in the excitement of a new relationship and the feeling it gives us, that we quickly become dependent and even ‘addicted’ to the other person. You need to be realistic and understand that this is a quick dopamine fix, even a form of lust. True love takes time to develop and because we are complex beings, we need to get to know our new partner in numerous different scenarios to truly understand how they operate. With lots to take into consideration, make sure you enter into a new relationship feeling prepared within yourself and knowing what you’re looking for. Keep your eyes wide open and use your gut reaction as to a guide to understanding your love interest as a person. Take your time and go slowly. If they truly are someone you are going to spend a potential lifetime with then there is no need to rush. Stay true to your own values and never settle for less then you know you deserve. When we truly know ourselves, only then can we know what value we have to offer another.

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