Decluttering Your Home

I’m a big fan of regular clean outs. It enables you to keep check on what you have, what you’re using and therefore what you actually need. In a consumerism world, too many of us acquire way more than we actually need to survive. We go for creature comforts and believe that the more we have the better we are a type of status.

The truth is the more you have, the more cluttered your space, the more smothered your energetic field and usually the more chaotic your head is. Space enables the freedom to think, to ponder possibilities and to open yourself up more, figuratively speaking.

There is nothing worse than entering someone’s house and that feeling of claustrophobia you experience when look around and every surface is covered with something. Not only can clutter be overwhelming but the ability to keep it clean, near impossible. Too many things can be a haven for dust, molds and other nasties that can go unnoticed, leading to a weakened immune system and other health complications.

Reminding yourself that you’re not defined my your material possessions and that everything is replaceable, I highly recommend regular decluttering sessions every few months. Do a sort of inventory check on what you have and ask yourself if it is a necessity and if not, if you absolutely love it and you feel joyous knowing it’s there. If you don’t need it to perform something e.g. you need a peeler to peel your vegetables or it doesn’t light you up, then I think about a friend who might love it or appreciate it more than me, or it goes straight to a charity as I regularly enjoy donating what no longer serves me.

I’m also a big believer in the fact that in order to receive in life you have to give give give. By giving you open up space to receive and keep the flow in your life. When we cling to things in fear of losing them, this is when we often end up stuck and stagnant, perplexed as to why nothing new is coming into our world.

Ask yourself what can you give away and move on? What no longer lights you up or serves a purpose? It’s amazing how therapeutic a clean out of your space and home can be...and the added bonus...your head will feel more open and spacious also! What help on how to declutter your life?

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