The Power of Meditation

Having practiced meditation for the past six years, this practice alone has significantly shaped and improved my life. There is so much scientific evidence available now that proves the validity of meditation in daily life in order to improve your day to day functionality. I would happily go on and on about the benefits of a daily meditation practice, but all you really have to know is that 10 minutes is enough. I personally try to sit in the same spot, at approximately the same time, playing the same music and trying to quieten the superficial chatter of my mind, to allow the deeper, more profound guidance be given some airtime – some may refer to this as your intuition, inner wisdom, God, the Universe or Spirit. I don’t believe you are meant to silence the mind, rather take the time to ponder some of the bigger questions you have in your life at that time. A quiet environment is ideal, but mastering meditation in amongst surrounding noise, is the ultimate. How do you meditate? Want some help to start your own practice today? Contact me and I would love to share more of my experiences and help you get the most out of this pivotal practice now!

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