Are You Accountable?

Do you take accountability for your actions? I don't just mean do you accountability for getting out of bed in the morning when your alarm goes off and dragging yourself to work Monday to Friday. Do you actually take full accountability for your actions which will subsequently impact another?

Many of us simply fluff through life doing what we are told and not asking any questions. We accept that are parents know best and that the government leading our country will have our best interests at heart. We take for granted where our food comes from (the supermarket right?!) and where our waste goes to. As a society we have largely lost sight of this bigger scale, but as a result we have also given away our personal power and refused to take accountability amid our ignorance and laziness.

Thankfully with the growing awareness and consciousness, I am hopeful that not all is lost, but I can also see how if we kept going they way we were, it was looking grim. Why am I sharing my thoughts on this? Because I want to inspire others to take back their power and to take full accountability for their actions. Stop blaming the politicians, your parents, your children or your dog and start seeing where you need to step up and move forward in life.

Find the courage to overcome your fears and get on with getting better. No one is perfect but we can all try harder and learn from our mistakes. Without our failures, we would have no successes. Without our weaknesses, we would have no strengths. Without the dark there would be no light. So let this light shine through your cracks and begin to take accountability of your life and your actions!

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